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Todd Kelley

Office: Wichita, KS 
Office Phone: 316-204-3644
MLO #: 1756059

Hometown: Winfield, Kansas
Hobbies / Interests: I enjoy weightlifting and most outdoor sports. I enjoy getting out of the office and working withmy hands. Repairing furnaces, air conditioners (I am licensed!) appliances, electronics and cars. Anyexcuse to buy tools is a good one!

I taught economics and business classes as a full-time professor for 18 years. During that time, I also invested in rental property and owned a small property management company. After 18 years of teaching I was beginning to burn out and was considering a career change. I was refinancing my home in the spring of 2018 with Regent. An old high school friend was the loan officer and encouraged me to investigate mortgage lending. Having spent many years teaching economics and financial concepts, mortgage lending was a natural fit. I began working for Regent in July of 2018.

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